Eric Sy from September 25, 2022

Knowing the author personally, it upsets me that a good friend had to go through such an ordeal. Fortunately, with how the events played out, all I have to say is, God is more than good. 

The book is an entertaining read, with some details which were so astonishing that it made me doubt whether it was indeed non-fiction. For readers who are spiritually grounded, Dr. Angtuaco’s story will undeniably validate their faith. 

Terence is literally and figuratively a fusion of science and faith (and supernatural)— which would have one think that with his credibility, the story would easily inspire all. However, for those with less faith, the author appears to be an extraordinary being with boundless energy and endless challenges— the chosen one, whose experiences become unrelatable to most readers. 

The author mentions his weaknesses in the winding chapters, but I wished there were more personal anecdotes on his ‘human’ side— but perhaps the protracted writing had nudged the author to conclude the book already. The symbolism at the end is as surprising as it is classic. 

The book is a good read, which could either leave a reader feeling relieved and happy for the author, or leave the reader longing for more (anecdotes, photos, testimonies)— I am both. More power to the author.

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