"I Will Wait," A Prayer Poem


By: Terence Angtuaco, M.D.

Trying to turn this thing around,
Working myself to the ground, 
No sign of rain coming but just a whiff of cloud, 
Will I make it? Will I get to the land you…

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Making Choices and Taking Responsibility 

     When dealing with daily challenges in life, our minds tend to view ourselves as the victim, and circumstances and others as the cause of our misfortune. This faulty thinking is egotistical as it is “all about me.” Without basis, we…

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Selling Kindness 

     We may not be able to make others do what we want them to, but we can sell them the idea of why they should. Selling an idea is no different than selling merchandise. Our patron first needs to see…

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Conquering Our Mountain

     Recently, I met up with a friend whom I have not seen for almost 20 years. It was nice to catch up and share how our lives had evolved since we last saw each other. We reviewed the lessons we…

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Less of Me

     What would life be like if we used “I” less often? “I am,” “I want,” “I will,” “I like,” and “I should.” What would our lives be like if we spent less time planning our next big vacation? less time…

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     Life is fluid and full of surprises. It constantly changes, and things happen without our permission. We can insist on how things should be, but life does not necessarily follow our wishes or expectations. We can do everything within our…

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You Never Know

     Are you waiting to hear from God about a prayer? Are you hurting and wondering if the pain will ever go away? Have you been wanting to make a change but getting tired of trying? Are you waiting for someone…

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The Heart of the Prodigal's Dad

     We find meaning and purpose in life when we do something to benefit others, especially if it involves giving up our own comfort and well-being and gaining no recognition for doing so. When driven by our commitment to fulfill this…

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What is Your Life Anchored On? 

     I am alone in the middle of the ocean. The wind is blowing, and the waves are crashing on me. For a moment I am under water, and thank God, I am able to rise back up again to catch…

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You Don't Owe Me Anything

     Have you ever felt unappreciated? Have you ever given everything you’ve got to help someone only to be forgotten when your help is no longer needed? Have you ever loved someone without holding anything back only to find yourself alone…

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