The Search for Happiness

     Happiness is not an entity outside of us that we pursue. It cannot be manufactured based on a specific formula or algorithm. We cannot attain it by manipulating our environment to set the optimal conditions; our outlook is what needs…

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Accepting Change

     We cannot prevent or stop change, so we might as well adapt. Change is the one true evidence of being alive. It is a permanent reality that requires us to learn to accept to avoid suffering. The idea that change…

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Being Our Best Self

     We can never be better than our best, even though our best could improve over time. In every endeavor, our goal is to do everything we can and give all we have to the undertaking; this is the only part…

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Our Life's Assignment

     Our assignment at birth is to experience life. God did not give us a blueprint and specific instructions on what to do after birth. He gave us life and wants us to enjoy fully His beautiful creations, be fruitful, and…

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Happiness in Not Resisting Life

     God has a purpose for choosing us to be born. He created us with specific traits and talents to serve His purpose. He will lead and guide us towards this with all His power and wisdom. God does not need…

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Defining Happiness

     It may seem that happiness comes more naturally to those who were born optimistic, easy to please, and simply “lucky.” In reality, we all have equal opportunities to live a happy life. It is a choice available to anyone who…

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Being Happy is a Habit

     Why is it that the same situation can elicit diverse reactions from different individuals? Life is not two-dimensional and can be viewed from several angles to gain varied perspectives. When presented with a problem, there are always multiple choices that…

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"I Will Wait," A Prayer Poem


By: Terence Angtuaco, M.D.

Trying to turn this thing around,
Working myself to the ground, 
No sign of rain coming but just a whiff of cloud, 
Will I make it? Will I get to the land you…

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Making Choices and Taking Responsibility 

     When dealing with daily challenges in life, our minds tend to view ourselves as the victim, and circumstances and others as the cause of our misfortune. This faulty thinking is egotistical as it is “all about me.” Without basis, we…

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Selling Kindness 

     We may not be able to make others do what we want them to, but we can sell them the idea of why they should. Selling an idea is no different than selling merchandise. Our patron first needs to see…

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