Book Reviews

Dr. Jorge Ang from November 4, 2022 

The author reveals his innermost emotions and conversations with God as their family struggles with the experience of their youngest daughter’s very rare diagnosis. Initially, I was expecting the “typical” difficult experiences that families go through in pediatric hematology oncology cases. However as I read, I soon realized theirs is definitely and significantly a whole lot more intense. Multiple times I found myself teary eyed as I read their journey. He described how this ordeal turned him closer to God, building his faith and positively affecting not just his personal life but also his professional life as a gastroenterologist. He discovered in the process of his gift of healing. He was very transparent in describing both of his strengths and weaknesses. Stating both where he was correct and wrong. Stating where he found out the results of his actions and the unknown results. His humility and willingness to obey God is very admirable. This book is an easy read, full of inspiration and wisdom. A true follower of Christ can't contain his obedience only on Sundays but instead it reflects in his activity every day of the week, as the author has shown. 

Janice S. Sy from October 20, 2022 

There is no doubt that Divine Intervention is a book worth reading. There is much inspiration to be drawn from it. Even a cynical skeptic like me can appreciate that there are phenomena that defy logical, rational, scientifically-backed explanation. Prayer, collective transfer of positive compassionate intention/energy, devotion to family, friends and the community at large, charity are deservedly highlighted throughout the book. 

Because the book was written intermittently over a period of ten years, it does read quite choppy and disjointed in parts. While Jaymie’s illness is an integral part of the book, I feel that its exposition is too drawn out and timeline is confusing as a result; perhaps a chapter or two dedicated to it will suffice; otherwise, the book sometimes reads like a caretaker’s journal. 

I found the chapters of the good doctor’s experiences with other patients quite moving. In particular, his willingness and selflessness to pray with his patients and strangers. In these instances, Dr. Angtuaco shines as not just a doctor, but a true healer and the gifted child of God that he is.

Eric Sy from September 25, 2022 

Knowing the author personally, it upsets me that a good friend had to go through such an ordeal. Fortunately, with how the events played out, all I have to say is, God is more than good. 

The book is an entertaining read, with some details which were so astonishing that it made me doubt whether it was indeed non-fiction. For readers who are spiritually grounded, Dr. Angtuaco’s story will undeniably validate their faith. 

Terence is literally and figuratively a fusion of science and faith (and supernatural)— which would have one think that with his credibility, the story would easily inspire all. However, for those with less faith, the author appears to be an extraordinary being with boundless energy and endless challenges— the chosen one, whose experiences become unrelatable to most readers. 

The author mentions his weaknesses in the winding chapters, but I wished there were more personal anecdotes on his ‘human’ side— but perhaps the protracted writing had nudged the author to conclude the book already. The symbolism at the end is as surprising as it is classic. 

The book is a good read, which could either leave a reader feeling relieved and happy for the author, or leave the reader longing for more (anecdotes, photos, testimonies)— I am both. More power to the author.

Drs. Caroline and Steve Cho from September 2, 2022 

I felt every ounce of pain and turmoil each step of the way in the Angtuaco family journey. Yet in the end, what was most illuminated was the glaring message of love, hope, and perseverance. Truly an inspiring and uplifting read. This personal story is a reminder of our frailties as humans met with the Grace of our Almighty God. I am grateful Terence made use of his experience to share God’s Grace even when certain things feel impossible. 

Proud of you, Terence! 

Caroline and Steve Cho

Raymond Tiu Go from August 7, 2022 

The author’s simple and raw description of their family’s ordeal takes the readers on a journey and experience the highs and lows the family went thru. It is a journey no parent, child or sibling can ever take, not without God’s grace. While the book’s purpose was to chronicle God’s divine hand in restoring Jaimie’s health, it may as well been God’s plan to use Jaimie’s ordeal and to bring the author back to His fold. It is a story of pure love, faith and hope.

Michael Marshall from August 4, 2022 

Finished reading Divine Interventions and it has reminded me that I need to put my trust in God. If I put my trust in Jesus then he will take care of me, not that he will give me everything I ask for or answer my prayers on my timetable. Thank you Dr Angtuaco for sharing your story and reminding us that God does answer prayers.

Jim Alley from July 16, 2022 

Where to begin? Just finished the book. There were times I hurt, I cried, I lost faith, I gained faith, I rejoiced, I reflected, and I praised God. 

It obviously brought out a lot of emotions and inspirational thoughts. 

Oh the beauty we receive from lessons we learn through trials and tribulations; Through experience and time; Through trying to control vs Giving it to God to handle. 

Dr. Angtuaco does a great job capturing all of things throughout the book. A must read!!! 

May the butterflies continue to fly around you and your loving family!

Clint Webb from May 24, 2022 

This is a must read for everybody…it will definitely reignite your relationship with God! Dr. Angtuaco’s vulnerability to share such intimate details about his spiritual journey was so inspiring to read. You will gain a whole new perspective on life and faith. Tell everybody you know to read this amazing testimony!

Gail Erwin from May 9, 2022 

This book is a page-turner. I was quickly drawn into the story from the very beginning, as the emotions and struggles of the author were palpable. It is well written and easy to read. Witnessing how God worked in the author’s life, helped me find peace in my daily trials. There is no doubt, reading this book had reignited my faith in God.