Dr. Jorge Ang from November 4, 2022

The author reveals his innermost emotions and conversations with God as their family struggles with the experience of their youngest daughter’s very rare diagnosis. Initially, I was expecting the “typical” difficult experiences that families go through in pediatric hematology oncology cases. However as I read, I soon realized theirs is definitely and significantly a whole lot more intense. Multiple times I found myself teary eyed as I read their journey. He described how this ordeal turned him closer to God, building his faith and positively affecting not just his personal life but also his professional life as a gastroenterologist. He discovered in the process of his gift of healing. He was very transparent in describing both of his strengths and weaknesses. Stating both where he was correct and wrong. Stating where he found out the results of his actions and the unknown results. His humility and willingness to obey God is very admirable. This book is an easy read, full of inspiration and wisdom. A true follower of Christ can't contain his obedience only on Sundays but instead it reflects in his activity every day of the week, as the author has shown. 

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